Kable Market Intelligence
Since 1990, Kable has been providing the UK and the world's largest suppliers with unique insight into public sector opportunities and markets. Their network of contacts allows Kable unparalleled insight into policy as it formulates while their modelling systems mean Kable processes and aggregates procurement data faster and more accurately than anyone.

Kable research focuses on public sector business, providing clients with the ability to zoom into every Whitehall department, every devolved administration, every unitary authority, every executive agency, every non-departmental public body, every county council, every district council, every health trust, every police force and every university authority (and many FE colleges) right across the UK.

Kable is the recognised market leader and benchmark in public sector ICT market intelligence. It's the core of their expertise. Because we research deeper, their clients can see further. That's the unique proposition of Kable's strategic market intelligence. Their five-year forecasts by vertical markets, by product and by service category are considered authoritative planning, mapping and targeting tools by the UK's largest ICT suppliers.

Their strategic intelligence covers macro-demand opportunity identification and analysis; market sizing and forecasting; policy drivers and dynamics; and broader public sector issues such as shared services, outsourcing and green ICT. Just as it's deep, it's also convenient - and can be delivered as on-site face-to-face briefings, as online webinars, as personalised email alerts or just as a phone conversation when you like.


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