Trendology Research
Trendology Research is a leading market research company that publishes hundreds of the largest U.S. industry reports annually. Their reports provide timely, accurate written analysis on industry trends and essential industry statistics. Featuring description color charts and graphs, their reports are ready-to-use for presentations and business plans. Trendology also publishes summary printed reports especially designed for researchers and libraries as one-stop reference sources for the largest U.S. industries.

Trendology Research's individual U.S. industry reports focus on three information types - qualitative written analysis, quantitative statistical industry demographics and data on major industry players.

The qualitative written analysis includes Trendology's proprietary Industry SWOT Analysis.
The quantitative data includes unique Economic Outlook Scenarios to make projections and forecasts more useful to their clients.
Data on major industry players includes the current sales, number of employees and industry ranking.

Trendology individual U.S. industry reports' Table of Contents are:
  • Indepth Written Analysis, including
    • Industry SWOT Analysis
    • Financial trends
    • Human relations issues
    • Consumer trends
    • Supplier issues
    • Technology topics
    • Government regulation
    • Global impacts
    • Profits & earnings
    • Mergers & acquistions
    • Industry news
  • Top ten major industry players with recent sales data
  • Number of establishments, industry sales & employment
  • Economic Outlook Scenarios (Optimistic, Stable & Pessimistic Scenarios)
  • Data breakdown by 7 size of employee categories
  • 5-year trends
  • Forecast projections
  • U.S. demographic data by U.S. states and metropolitan areas
  • Related industries
  • Industry definition
  • Charts and graphs to illustrate data


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