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Asia Market Information & Development Co. (AMID) is a leading source for the Chinese industry data and market intelligence. Their information products have helped corporations around the world gain insights into the Chinese industry trends, producer capacities, market demand and forecasts, government regulations and competitor intelligence.

Market Research Contents and Methodology

The primary and secondary research are done in China in order to access up-to-date government regulations, market information and industry data. Data is collected from the Chinese government publications, Chinese language newspapers and magazines, industry associations, local governments' industry bureaus, industry publications, and AMID's in-house databases. Interviews are conducted with Chinese industry experts, university professors, and producers in China.

Each report provides detailed discussions on the following areas and can help you gain insights into the Chinese business environment, market growth, industry composition, product demand and outlook, international trade, and much more.

Macroeconomic Overview and Forecasts
Since the economic reform stared in 1978, China has witnessed over two decades of fast economic growth. Given its vast market, China promises tremendous opportunities both for the present and future.

Government Economic Regulations
Laws and regulations toward foreign-funded enterprises are designed to encourage foreign investments, but regulations are imposed or constantly change in some industries. The restrictions or changes may effect foreign investments. To understand laws and regulations can help foreign investors make sound investment decisions and adjust to unexpected policy shift.

Investment Environment
Both economic and legal system have improved drastically to insure a better environment for investment.

Industry Assessments
Industry structure is composed of four categories: state-owned, collective (or local government owned), private enterprises, and foreign-funded ventures. Each report examines industry capacity, industry composition and industry trends.

Market Demand and Outlook
Since China moved toward a market-oriented economy, market demand and supply are no longer part of central government planning. The country's fast-growing economy has stimulated market demands both for industrial and consumer goods. Each report provides detailed analyses of market demand by industry and product.

Long-Term Forecasts
China's economic growth will continue to remain strong through the next century. The surging consumer demand for goods and services will lead to an overall increase of industrial production. Their reports provide long-term industry growth forecasts.

Marketing Channels
To market products in China can be complex if companies have little knowledge of the country's market structure. Each report discusses in detail market entry options and marketing channels and strategies.

Industry Participant Profiles and Directory
Key producers are profiled and other industry participants are included in the directory section.


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